The Disclose website – new look is live

Today we have revealed our new look Disclose website.

Disclose is sharing the same design as the new Companies websites. We’ve used this opportunity to refresh and update the content to make sure the information is clear and helpful to you. The changes resulted from feedback and customer research.

Note: The application where you register and maintain your offers and schemes isn't changing and redirects will be in place from today. No matter how you currently access your tasks in the register, redirects will take you to the relevant new pages.

The video summarises the key things that are changing across the Disclose website and how you will find the information you need.

  • How to use the Disclose Register and manage your online services
  • How to search for an offer or scheme and what they contain
  • A new help centre that contains over 50 helpful guides (you will be able to find everything you need to know about the register and your obligations here)
  • Easy access to the other registers we administer.

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